My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Content Marketing

MyBump Media
  • Created a landing page for Project #SapotLokal, an initiative campaign aimed to support local businesses
  • Integrated a form section paired with a strong Call-to-Action to capture potential leads
  • Implemented data-based content marketing based on value proposition and unique selling points
  • Data report indicated the strongest engagement via direct traffic (when audience visit landing page directly)
  • Developed a special mention for the “Astro & Broadband” campaign that was blasted out to over 2,000 businesses via Newsletter
  • Created a feature section on a blog article that blends on storytelling elements and key selling points including impressions rate

Website Copywriting

The BuyHive
  • Content writing based on keywords for effective search optimization
  • Implementing use of long-tail keywords based on unique selling points & company brand
  • Detailed, informative & precise technical writing, based on thorough research on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and medical supplies
  • Easy-to-read B2B copywriting elements from awareness to conversion stage

Social Media Content Creation

Berinda Properties
  • Created a series-based social media posts and campaign naming for “I Have A Dream”, Berinda’s property launch
  • Copywriting elements are based on the main pillars of the property type, i.e: facilities
  • Implemented content strategy and persuasive writing to boost online engagement and increase brand awareness
Absolute Nuts
  • Developed a campaign name for the “CNY Lucky Draw” give-away campaign in commemoration with CNY celebrations
  • Content strategy included overall design layout, placement of marketing elements and concise copywriting
  • Overall campaign was to boost engagement and generate leads via social media marketing

Blog & Article Writing

MyBump Media

Content Writing & Strategy

Ipmuda Properties

  • Create conceptual copywriting based on product’s Unique Selling Point (USP) effectively for property launch pamphlet
  • Focus on core emotions and storytelling to reach the heart and head of the reader
  • Utilizing soft sell copywriting by positioning products to connect with audiences at a more personal level

Eaton International School

  • Understanding the Voice of Consumer (VOC) and to write a copy that will inspire them to take immediate action
  • Implementing Audience Personas as narratives to highlight key messages for marketing materials; buntings and social media assets
  • Tweaking Calls to Actions (CTA) and messages to improve conversion rate

KL The Guide

  • Informative writing focusing on straightforward and fact-filled content that brings value to potential travellers
  • Cleaning, editing and proofreading before publication process
  • Ensuring pagination and text are in sync
  • Create insightful content for social platforms to build a following and generate sales

Glam Edge

  • Designing a customer-friendly fashion catalogue based on individual categories such as new arrivals, best sellers, evening gowns & casual dresses
  • Applying unique editorial layouts & contemporary typography to attract target consumers
  • Producing promotional videos to further drive digital performance & improve marketing strategy

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